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Combat Holiday (and any other day) Food Temptations

With yet another holiday upon us, whether you celebrate it or not, making the right choices in terms of food can be difficult. It’s a holiday and celebration so you deserve a treat…but when is it too much?

Let’s discuss how to create healthy food habits during holiday temptations (and any other time):

1. Buy food in small containers. Studies show that people give themselves larger portions out of larger boxes.

2. Make tempting food inconvenient—put cookies (or easter candy) in a hard-to-reach spot, set the freezer to a very cold temperature so it’s hard to spoon out ice cream, store goodies in hard-to-open containers.

3. Wear snug-fitting clothes. When we’re aware of what we’re doing, we behave better.

4. Dish food up in the kitchen, and don’t bring serving platters onto the table (except vegetables).

5. Pile your plate with everything you intend to eat, and don’t get seconds once that food is gone.

6. Skip the add-ons: stick to the main dish and don’t waste calories on high calorie sides such as appetizers or snacks.

7. After dinner, to signal to yourself that “Eating’s over,” brush your teeth (or chew gum). This can help reduce any additional cravings that are not because you are hungry.

8. Don’t allow yourself to get too hungry or too full.

9. Realize that, with some things, you might not be able to have just one bite. It can be far easier to skip cookies and chocolate than it is to have a sensible portion.

10. Don’t eat food I don’t like, just because it’s there. No one cares if I have a serving of asparagus or cranberry sauce.

11. Plan an exception. Planned exceptions are a great way to break a good habit in a way that feels limited, controlled, and positive.

12. Watch for loopholes! Some loopholes that are especially popular during the holidays include the “This doesn’t count” loophole, the “Concern for others” loophole, and the “fake self-actualization” loophole. Remember, we’re adults, and we can mindfully make exceptions to our good habits, but everything counts.

Hope this helps for your holiday or any other temptations that can throw your great nutrition habits off!


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