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What Others Have to Say About Their Personal Experience

Anela - 

"Angela is amazing and after 5 sessions alone I was seeing great results!  She is professional and motivating!  She tailors the workout to your needs and mixes it up so it's never boring or repetitive!  You won't be disappointed! Just bring a can-do-attitude and you will be successful!


Karen - 

"I've seen Angela for a couple months now and our sessions are twice a week and I can't believe all the change I've seen in my body, and how far I can get. She is truly the best trainer ! She challenges me every time I want to give up and gives me great advice on living a healthy life. She tracks my progress and the fact I've lost body fat and turned until muscle is what keeps me seen her the program she has me on has really work. 
I highly recommend her!! She is the best"

Elizabeth - 

"Angela helped me get back into fitness after a major surgery on my leg. She is patient, thoughtful, and encouraging. Not only that, but she also is helping train my teen daughters. Through her guidance and support, I have seen a major change in the girls with their self confidence and understanding about health and fitness. The only down side is that when I work out with Angela, I can't walk for three days after, but honestly, you can't ask for a better trainer. She's the greatest!"

Sylvia - 

"Angela is wonderful. She's motivational, and she knows her stuff. I've already made an amazing amount of progress in just two weeks. I feel really lucky to have her as my trainer, and I look forward to more workouts with her."

Miesha - 

"Awesome 1st session. She pushed me until I was completely out of gas. 

She is the trainer/training I needed. Nutritional and mental."

Francine - 

"She won't fail you in helping you reach your goal."

Alya - 

"She is excellent!!! Highly recommend her."

Ebony - 

"I have had two sessions with Angela and she is amazing! Her work out regimes really push me past my comfort zone and I always feel the burn! Angela is great at helping me reach my full fitness potential without compromising form or endangering my body. She has been instrumental in my fitness journey!"

Nataliia - 

"Angela is really good at personal training.

She's created a special program exactly for my needs, showed every move and exercise and was very encouraging. 

Even I just started I feel it will give results."

Teri - 

"Angela is a genuine and conscientious trainer. Highly recommend to everyone but especially for beginners."

Eric - 

"She is very knowledgeable about exercise and fitness. I felt she would help me achieve my fitness goals."

Marlisha - 

"To my personal Trainer Angela Flatsoussis, I want to thank you for believing in me, when I did not believe in myself.
Thank you for pushing me when, I felt like giving up. Your gentle spirit and great personal training skills is what keeps me coming back 3 x per week.
I never use to exercise or even eat correctly, before I met you. It’s been times where, I wanted to just quit and give up/ stay out of shape! You taught me how to listen to my body. Also you have been so instrumental in my life for listening to all my life stresses as we work out. And all my health issues.
You took the time to investigate and write out a wellness plan, and even order me things from Amazon when my knee was acting up. You are so versed in fitness and health, etc…
I Thank God, I found you as a personal trainer! and my husband thanks you for helping me stay fit. So we can have a long life together.
I also love that the gym” Conviction fitness “all of the people are really nice, because I’m sure, I have cried out a lot of times and every one gives me a “YOU CAN DO IT LOOK”. Or a smile, It’s like being part of a big family.
I felt like giving up just 2 weeks in, because I was not use to feeling the burn! I stay with it because your encouragement and late night text and phone calls and even Facebook likes. 
You are more than a personal trainer. You really care about all your clients.
I value you and all the things you have me to work on, even when I turn into a real brat and, that time I got on my knees to beg you to switch an exercise movement and you smiled and was like come on get going.
It was your voice like a mama bear so I had to.
I am not seeking a perfect body, I’m 42 yrs. old with five children under my belt ages 26-14 So I don’t expect to have the perfect tummy. 
I just want to be healthy and at a smaller weight. It will take time because. I did not get like this over Night.
I just wanted to give you a Big Public Thank you! Because you are helping saving my Life! And My Husband Thanks You !
If anyone in Chicago wants a Super Fantastic Trainer Call: Angela Flatsoussis 773-480-3593"

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