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Daily Stretches to Incorporate into Your Morning Routine

Start your morning off right with these 3 stretches to improve mobility and decrease any soreness and tightness.

Hold these stretches for at least a minute each, continuing to get a deeper stretch and breathing deep, in through your nose and out through your mouth. You can repeat each position as many times as you’d like until you feel you are fully stretched and ready for your busy day.

1. Deep lunge - stretch out your hips after a long night’s sleep with the deep lunge. For this stretch, continue to push your hips forward and closer to the ground on each leg.

Get an even deeper stretch by pushing your front knee out or picking up your back foot as in the second picture.

2. Overhead stretch - Stretch your upper body with this overhead stretch. Lean to each side slowly, pushing your stretch farther with each second and stretching out your obliques and core.

3. Back stretch - Start in the first position, sitting on your feet and stretching your arms and back out as far as possible. Transition into the second position facing up, continuing to stretch your back and neck. You can switch between these two positions a few times, slowly transitioning and breathing deeply.

Hope these help!

Enjoy the beautiful Sunday weather :)

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