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Sore muscles? Here's how to combat muscle soreness NOW! 💪

We all love a great workout but the soreness after can be a bittersweet feeling. Here’s 10 easy ways to combat your sore muscles:

1. Get enough sleep after working out - your muscles need to relax after a tough workout

2. Stay hydrated during and after a workout - dehydration can make muscle soreness worse

3. Apply IcyHot or Bengay to relieve muscle soreness - be sure your skin is dry when applying

4. Advil or any other anti-inflammatory - anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil and Alleve can help relieve the discomfort of muscle soreness. It's not advisable to use NSAIDS on a consistent basis, but rather for an acute bout of soreness.

5. Stretching and Foam rolling - directly after a workout and the next day.

7. Baths - can be hot with epson salt or cold like an ice bath

8. Get your potassium - eat a banana after a workout.

9. Take a fish oil daily to promote healthy joints

10. Stay active! Simply walk or move around constantly so your muscles don’t cramp or tighten up when sitting or lying down!

Looking forward to a great week! If you have any questions regarding this week’s topic please let me know!

Thank you as always!

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