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5 Food Hacks

Here are 5 great food hacks to make your life easier!

#1 Buy/make a whole chicken. Not only can you have multiple meals from a whole chicken, but you can also have a variety of meals. From adding it to salads to mixing with rice and veggies, the possibilities are endless. When making/buying your chicken try to keep it lightly seasoned /unseasoned so you can do more with it!

#2 Breakfast sandwiches. These are great either to make or buy frozen (if buying frozen try to buy with the least amount of sodium) if you have a busy morning and struggle with making a meal. Pairing it with a banana or apple is a great start to your day.

#3 Choose snacks with protein. Fulfilling your protein needs are difficult, so I always suggest to pack high protein snacks to help reach your protein goal and keep you full throughout the day. Some great options are greek yogurt, trail mix, cheese sticks, beef or turkey jerky, protein bars or shakes, hard boiled eggs, etc. Find your favorite snack high in protein!

#4 Pack your veggies. Getting your veggies in can be difficult, so along with your meal prepping, prep your veggies too. Whether it be mixed veggies for a snack to pair with hummus or a salad, be sure not to forget your veggies!

#5 Drink from a gallon. Reaching your goal of a gallon of water can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to count how many water bottles you’ve had and end up losing track. Instead, bring a gallon of you water with you, either to work or on the go, and you can even fill your water bottle with the gallon instead of drinking straight from it. You’ll be able to visually keep track of how much you’ve had, how much you need to drink, and how quickly you need to drink it.

So happy with client progress lately! I have had many say they need to buy new clothes or can now fit in old ones that they couldn’t fit in before starting to work out. Great job and keep up the amazing work!

Looking forward to the start of another great week and a new month!

As always, thank you for everything -

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