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Staying Motivated to Achieve your Goals

Why sticking with your training and nutrition is important.

Some days are tough. Some weeks are tough. Sometimes you want to give up.

Sticking with your training/nutrition and keeping focus on your goals can be difficult. Whether it’s because your workout is tough or you’ve hit a plateau in your progress, giving up can seem like a favorable option. We all have roadblocks that are trying to stop us from focusing on our goals. You may have already experienced a roadblock when deciding to commit to improving your health.

How do we get past these barriers?

Focusing on your goals is key to sticking with your progress and achieving your goals. I can tell you from personal experience that even I get stuck with my own training and have to recollect and remind myself that I have a goal that I want to achieve. Both in my weight loss and strength goals I have experienced this roadblock that made me just want to give up because either I wasn’t seeing the progress I wanted or I felt like I would never be as good as others so why should I even bother?

It wasn’t until I became a strong believer that we experience these challenges to become better. On the tough days, whether it is your diet or workout, you have to remind yourself that it’s all worth it, even when it feels like it isn’t. Giving up isn’t the solution of reaching your goals; it’s going to take you farther away from them. So shake it off, focus on why you want it, why you started, and why it matters. You need to believe in yourself. You are the only one holding you back. Don’t let your doubt stop you from achieving your goals.

Making the efforts needed and still not getting the progress you want?

Sometimes you do everything right and still you still don’t get the results you want. This is where we need to make a change in your nutrition/training routine. I have experienced this challenge as well where I keep pushing and finally got to a breaking point. I recently had this happen with my current training for my next meet and reached the point of wanting to drop out completely. However, I ended up taking time to collect myself, think about why I wanted to achieve my goals, and talked to my coach where we discussed the issues I was having and changed things up in my program. I’m now so grateful that we made the essential adjustments because my training is going better than ever and I feel ready to compete.

If you begin to feel this way after truly giving it 110% effort consistently for at least a few weeks, let’s talk about it. I only see you a couple hours a week and don’t always know what’s really going on. Together we can work things out to make the necessary modifications to see the progress you want. Reaching a roadblock is nothing to be ashamed of because it happens to everyone, even people who train for years. Everyone is different and it takes time to learn which methods of training/nutrition work for each individual’s body and it’s needs. I am here to help with this so we are on the absolute best track to achieving your goals.

I hope this helps for anyone who is feeling a lack of motivation and stuck in a rut. Just remember to keep persevering because it is all worth it!

Special thanks to client Amanda who inspired me to share my experience and help motivate others!

Additionally, check out clients Mary and Sue giving the nutrition tip of the week through their own experience:

"I steam cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. Then divide it into 5 bowls to take to lunch. It’s a great way to get your vegetable serving in and saves tons of time!"

They also gave last week’s recipe a try:

"I made this recipe this Sunday afternoon, added broccoli, ground turkey, green onions, and taco seasoning. It’s very good and now I have dinner for 2 nights!”

Thank you Mary and Sue for sharing your experience! So glad you liked the recipe!

Thank you as always, I look forward to another great week with you!

Remember - stay motivated and believe in yourself because I believe in you!

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