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Challenge yourself follow up and other updates

Here’s this week’s topic of conversation -

1. Chalenge yourself follow up

2. Update about me :)

3. Valentine’s day treats

4. Yelp Review

First, so the point of challenging yourself to make a healthy change in your daily routine is to show you that if you could do it for 7 days straight, you can keep up that habit and make it a part of your life style. Think about what changed and how you made your change. For example, in the drinking more water example, how did you accomplish your goal? For me, I carried my gallon of water with me to know how much water I had and how much left I needed to drink. With regards to other challenges such as cutting/limiting late night snacks, what did you do to stop the snacking or what healthy snack did you replace your maybe unhealthy snack with? Upon reflection, we can see how we accomplished your change and make it a permanent habit to improve your health. So keep up the great work and make those habits stick!

Secondly, in case you did not know, I competed in a powerlifting competition this weekend. I shared with you before that I was hesitant to follow through with competing because I doubted myself leading up to it. However, I am incredibly happy I stuck with my goals because I was able to accomplish something great and took home 2nd place in my weight class. Additionally I learned a lot and know how to better myself and bring more to the table in future endeavors. I hope that this can be an example to you to stick with your goals because despite the struggles you may come across because it is truly worth enduring in the end.

With Valentine’s day upon us, I wanted to share some healthy treats for the holiday.

Frozen dark chocolate covered bananas

Ingredients: 1/2 a small banana dipped in 2 squares dark melted chocolate

Directions: Slice banana and dip in melted chocolate. Place on lined sheet and freeze until entirely frozen

Frozen yogurt to replace ice cream

~100 calories per half cup.

Be sure to add lots of fruits on top!

Sugar Free Pudding in replacement of ice cream

~60 calories per cup

Dark chocolate covered rice cake

Melt dark chocolate and dip rice cakes into chocolate. Let cool and harden. Enjoy!

Dark Chocolate covered strawberries

These are pretty traditional for valentines day and can be found in stores or made at home! Tasty and delicious treat.

Finally, any review on my Yelp page would be greatly appreciated. Whenever it is convenient for you to visit to share our experience would be very helpful. Thank you!

I wish everyone a great week and look forward to seeing you!

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